SideSwiper® II – Vinyl Siding Removal Tool

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The Malco SideSwiper II Vinyl Siding Removal Tool combines the comfort and added leverage of an easy-to-grasp straight handle with the smooth unlocking motion of a burr free hook.

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The blade of the removal tool is angled from the bottom plane of the handle and allows the user to keep their wrist straight while keeping knuckles well above the work. 

The surface finishing and plating of the blade ensures the sharply angled hook will not cut into the vinyl material or produce shavings.

Additional comfort and control is achieved with a non-slip textured handle grip. The gripping surface will not become slick from moisture, and the form fitting, plastisol dip process, bonds the grip for the life of the tool.

With a smooth unlocking motion, an easy-to-grasp straight handle, and a non-slip textured grip; Malco’s handy Removal Tool will save you time and money by cleanly removing vinyl siding!

  • Durable one piece spring steel construction is virtually indestructible.
  • Easy-to-grasp Straight Handle.
  • Smooth Unlocking.
  • A handy oversize hang hole in the handle accommodates a 1/4″ (6.4 mm) peg hook.


  1. INSERTION: Wedge tip of blade under overlapping panel and hook onto the back lip of buttlock.
  2. UNLOCKING: Pulling lip downward, slide the tool along the length of panel to unlock and expose nail row of panel to be removed.
  3. PANEL REPLACEMENT: Lock and nail replacement panel into place. Use tool to re-lock overlapping panel. Pull down on panel lip and press it into lock of replacement panel below.


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