Welcome to LT Building Supply, the definitive source for professional-grade tools across all areas of construction. From specialized roofing and siding tools to essential safety and clean-up supplies, we’ve got everything you need to ensure your projects are completed efficiently and to the highest standards. Based in West Chester, PA, we offer local delivery within 60 miles and fast turnaround on online orders, ensuring you have the right tools at the right time.

Explore Our Tool Categories

At LT Building Supply, we understand the diverse needs of construction professionals. That’s why we’ve organized our vast selection of tools into key categories, making it easy for you to find exactly what you need.

Roofing Tools

Our roofing tools are designed to meet the specific demands of roofing professionals, offering everything from shingle removers to nail guns. Whether you’re repairing a residential roof or installing a commercial one, you’ll find the right tools for the job here.

  • Roofing Nailers
  • Shingle Removers
  • Roofing Hammers

Siding Tools

Siding installation requires precision and reliability. Our siding tools category includes cutters, nailers, and more, tailored for working with vinyl, fiber cement, and wood siding materials.

  • Siding Nailers
  • Siding Cutters
  • Siding Gauges

Safety Equipment

Your safety on the job site is paramount. Our selection of safety equipment covers everything from hard hats and gloves to harnesses and safety glasses, ensuring you and your team are protected from start to finish.

  • Safety Harnesses
  • Hard Hats
  • Safety Glasses

Clean-Up Tools

Efficient clean-up is key to maintaining a safe and productive job site. Our clean-up tools include heavy-duty trash bags, brooms, and more, designed to handle construction debris and keep your work area tidy.

  • Heavy-Duty Trash Bags
  • Brooms and Dustpans
  • Debris Haulers

General Construction Tools

For all other construction needs, our general construction tools section provides a comprehensive selection of hand tools, power tools, and accessories. From drills and saws to measuring tapes, we have everything to support your projects.

  • Power Drills
  • Circular Saws
  • Measuring Tapes

Fasteners for Every Construction Need

A solid construction project is only as reliable as its fasteners. At LT Building Supply, we offer a wide selection of fasteners to suit every aspect of your construction work, from roofing and siding to decking and general construction. Our fasteners are chosen for their strength, durability, and versatility, ensuring your projects are built to last.

Screw Types

Our extensive screw selection is designed to meet the specific requirements of different construction materials and applications:

  • Roofing Screws: Perfect for securing roofing materials, available with rubber or neoprene washers for a waterproof seal.
  • Siding Screws: Specially designed for siding applications, ensuring a secure fit and long-lasting durability.
  • Deck Screws: These screws are ideal for outdoor decking projects, offering enhanced resistance to corrosion and weathering.
  • Self-Tapping Screws: For ease of installation, self-tapping screws cut their own thread, saving time and effort on the job site.


For projects requiring strong, permanent fastenings, our range of rivets offers a solution for every need:

  • Aluminum Rivets: Lightweight yet strong, perfect for a variety of applications where corrosion resistance is important.
  • Steel Rivets: Offering superior strength, steel rivets are ideal for heavy-duty applications that demand durability.
  • Specialty Rivets: For unique or challenging projects, our specialty rivets provide the reliability and performance you need.

Why Choose LT Building Supply?

  • Local Expertise: With years of experience serving the West Chester, PA area, we understand the needs of local contractors.
  • Fast Delivery: Our local delivery and quick online order processing ensure you get your tools promptly.
  • Comprehensive Selection: From specialized tools to general construction needs, we offer a wide range of high-quality products.
  • Bilingual Service: We provide customer service in both English and Spanish, accommodating a diverse clientele.

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